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Hi there! Come, let's check out what Activity Guides are all about!

Active Parent, Smart Child (APSC) Program

Make learning new things daily a habit (HABIT LOOP) - Relevant for 6-12 year olds.

Receive high quality material for your child EVERYDAY for 8 WEEKS (56 days)

What's provided once you join?

Puzzle of the day

Mon to Fri: Receive a new puzzle to engage kids in logical thinking and reasoning


Fact of

the day

Mon to Fri:  Receive a new fact along with questions to spark curiosity in kids 

Word of the day

Mon to Fri: Receive a new word along with audio pronunciation and tip to remember 


Activity guides

Saturday: Receive a ~10 pager guide with  activity ideas for family fun learning time

And there is more,

  • Joining bonus of 2 free e-books (A collection of 99 riddles and A 8-step puzzle book)

  • Weekly challenges and rewards for active learning


Puzzle book cover.jpg
Book cover riddles.jpg

Enroll now for INR 199 

8-week super fun learning program 

If you have questions, just ping us on whatsapp - reach out on +91-9461050719 or, use the icon there in bottom right

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