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play, learn, succeed - the power of educational games

Get your kids to practice a curriculum topic, increase general awareness, apply logic and strategy as they engage in a quick fun game.

What makes Shikshanand games unique and a worthy investment?

Ensures great learning every time you play, for years

It's much more than just one time activity. Our games can be replayed multiple times and you'll always find something new to learn. Also, they will make a great fun and knowledge collection for children to enjoy even after they grow up. (Highly durable, after all!)

Allows productive family fun time and memories

Games are designed to be played in groups, with minimum 2 players, to allow social and emotional development along with cognitive development. What's better than learning together as a family, always a great idea to learn more about each other as you engage in play.

Increases active engagement of child in learning process

With multiple academic and general awareness topics that a child is exposed to while playing our games, s/he ends up effortlessly practicing and learning new concepts. Active participation and motivation to win the game makes learning really fun.

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