Why parents must spend enough time with their kids?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Parents are often entangled amidst a multitude of responsibilities, be it managing household work, jobs, own enterprise, social gatherings and an endless array of items... With so much going around, minds of parents are found plagued by the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with their kids. As a result of this feeling, the question often asked is, 'how can I find time to spend with my kids? How much is 'enough' time?'

In this post, you will read about the two frequently asked questions,

  1. Why parents must spend time with kids?

  2. How much time is actually 'enough' time?

1) Why parents must spend time with kids?

It's captured well in this quote of Jane D. Hull - "At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents"

  • Children learn what they see - Children are most influenced by what they see around themselves. If parents are to imbibe good values and ethics in their kids, then there is no-one else better placed than themselves to showcase similar value and belief structure.

  • Strong support system matters. A lot. - More often than not, children with strong support system in childhood grow up to become emotionally strong individuals to deal with life. This is observed by a Harvard research which quotes "The single most common factor for children and teens who develop the capacity to overcome serious hardship is having at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult"

  • Children's energy needs right direction - It's the easiest for a parent to identify key strengths and development areas for a child and guide him/her through the best path in initial years. After all, rarely do we find someone else who will be as committed to the overall development of a child as his/her parents are.

  • Pleasant childhood memories gives strength for lifetime - Good time with parents gives a lifetime of memories to cherish. We often recall our happy childhood memories as those which involve a bedtime ritual of storytelling, dad teaching cycling, playing card games as a family, cooking a meal together or so on. These moments remain precious and strength giving to kids for life.

2) How much time is actually 'enough' time?