Herbs and their uses

Herbs and their uses


About the guide

Learn about ten useful herbs and leaves around us and their medicinal properties and usage. The guide contains,

  • 'word-o-zone' for vocabulary development
  • 'find the words!' puzzles 
  • 'match it right' puzzle for herb recognition,
  • 'find and fill' activity including focus on herb recognition, motor, coordination and logical skills, art and craft engagement

Format and Size

PDF | 11 A4 size pages | Colored document | Printable

Kids learn and start enjoying things that they are exposed to. It's our collective duty as parents and educators to expose children to right resources that enable increased awareness and knowledge of the world and subjects around them.

We know one thing for sure, investment in acquiring knowledge is one that will never go waste. In fact, it is usually the only one that can give exponentially high returns.

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