Wonderful World

Wonderful World


Come together with your family, roll a dice, turn a card and learn new things about most famous places in the world, different countries, their capitals and continents.

A little luck and a lot of knowledge allows you to win this fantastic fun learning game!


P.S. - It's a great idea to keep marking the cards with places you have visited and add others to your 'have to visit' list!

P.P.S. - A customer uses the dice and card with her kid before every meal. One new place to learn before you eat (sounds like a decent deal, no?)


  • Builds -

    • awareness about famous monuments and buildings across the globe
    • knowledge about countries, their capitals and continents
    • social skills as you play it in a group offline (Also, some time off digital devices!)
  • Includes -

    • 50 playing cards
    • dice
    • instruction manual
    • answer sheet
  • Relevant for -

    • 5+ years of age (We recommend using it in early years , i.e., 5 - 10 years to builds general knowledge)
    • 2 - 4 players

Kids learn and start enjoying things that they are exposed to. It's our collective duty as parents and educators to expose children to right resources that enable increased awareness and knowledge of the world and subjects around them.

We know one thing for sure, investment in acquiring knowledge is one that will never go waste. In fact, it is usually the only one that can give exponentially high returns.

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