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Shikshanand Hour - Gaming get together for kids to allow fun learning! 

A super fun hour, to get kids together with other kids, playing games and activities curated by Shikshanand to allow fun learning of topics that pertain to general awareness. Get children to communicate, express their feelings and tell stories from their day, compete with other kids in a healthy way, learn from and share knowledge with each other. 

Q. What all will happen in this fun hour ?

  • Every hour would relate to a specific topic (example - musical instruments or dining etiquette or Nobel Prize winner or inventors and so on).

  • The knowledge regarding topic will be given to children in form of activities and games, curated by Shikshanand for the said topic.

  • Kids will learn the topic through activity and then,

  • Participate in the game relating to what is learnt with a live scoreboard making it extremely engaging.

  • Every kid gets to interact with other kids, and express their thoughts and ideas (we want to build kids who actively learn and are curious to learn more and more)

Child Activity

Q. How often will this hour be conducted, and where?

  • Twice in a week, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Online sessions. 

  • The two hours usually relate to one topic to allow sufficient time to engage kids in the topic.

  • There is typically no homework involved. We do provide some material for parents to engage kids and highly encourage usage of same at homes.

Q. What is typically the size of get together in fun hour?

  • Minimum 5 children for new batch

  • Minimum is to ensure that there are enough children for any activity to take place and be fun!

  • Maximum 10 kids

  • Maximum is to ensure the quality of attention each child gets and to cater to specific learning needs 

Q. What age is this hour recommened for?

  • Recommended for children between 6 - 10 years of age (usually class 1 to class 5)

  • Separate batches for 6-8 year old, and 9-10 year old

  • Difficulty level of activities and games vary across batches

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