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Children's Learning at Home: 12 Ways Parents Can Support

As a parent, you undoubtedly want your child to succeed in their academic and personal life. One of the best ways to support your child's learning journey is by being an active participant in their education. Although school is an important place for learning, it's equally important to reinforce these lessons at home. In this blog, we will cover the basics of how parents can support their children's learning at home. We'll provide you with tips and strategies to make learning fun and engaging for your child. By the end of this blog, you'll have a better understanding of how you can help your child reach their full potential. So, let's get started on this exciting journey of learning!

12 Ideas to Enhance Learning At Home for Kids

Read with your child

Reading with your child is one of the best things you can do to support their literacy skills. Reading helps improve vocabulary, comprehension, and language skills. For example, you could read a bedtime story with your child every night. You could also take turns reading aloud with your child.

All you need is a book and a cozy spot to sit together.

Play educational games

Playing games is a fun way to reinforce learning. Educational games help improve problem-solving, critical thinking, and math skills. For example, you could play board games like Scrabble or Monopoly, Cornered or Memory Game On to engage child in productive play. Games like Claws Clash, Tri-It are fun not just for kids but also for adults.

All you need is the game and a willingness to play with your child.

educational strategy game
Cornered by Shikshanand

Encourage writing

Writing is an essential skill that helps improve communication and critical thinking. Encourage your child to write by providing them with writing prompts or by having them write in a journal. For example, you could ask your child to write a story about their favorite animal or write a letter to a grandparent.

All you need is a pen and paper or a computer.

Watch educational videos and subscribe to educational programs

Watching educational videos is a great way to reinforce learning and keep your child engaged. Educational videos help improve comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills. You can find many educational videos for free on YouTube or educational TV shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Note - We do not recommend watching digital screens for more than >2 hours a day.

In fact, you can subscribe to educational programs that provide quality educational material to you for practice at home. For example, APSC program by Shikshanand provides daily learning for kids directly to parents. This can easily save you hassle and time to find good content everyday and make your task easy of delivering the right knowledge and stimulating the brain for kids.

Daily learning program for kids
Active Parent, Smart Child (APSC) Program

Take field trips

Field trips are a fun way to reinforce learning and provide real-life experiences. Field trips help improve observation, inquiry, and critical thinking skills. For example, you could visit a local museum or zoo. You could also take a nature walk and explore your surroundings.

All you need is transportation and a willingness to explore.

Have discussions

Having discussions with your child is a great way to reinforce learning and encourage critical thinking. Discussions help improve communication and analytical skills. For example, you could have a discussion with your child about a current event or a book they're reading.

All you need is a willingness to listen and discuss.

Provide hands-on activities

Hands-on activities are a great way to reinforce learning and encourage creativity. Hands-on activities help improve problem-solving and fine motor skills. For example, you could have your child build a model of a famous landmark or create a collage.

All you need are materials that are specific to the activity.

Teach life skills

Teaching life skills is an essential part of supporting your child's learning journey. Life skills help improve independence, responsibility, and decision-making. For example, you could teach your child how to cook a simple meal or how to do laundry. You can read more on how to Raise Good Humans - Creative Activities to teach Kids Important Values